About Us

Edmund’s Amaulu Slaughter has produced healthy, high-quality meat products that has gone into the best selling dishes in Nigeria. Carrying out business as a food product and processing company, EAS engages in the supply of Full Cow, harvesting, cutting and processing of beef to valuable beef products. EAS was put together to support all food service companies and food producing households with basic meat products for high-quality food production. We further process less valuable cow products to deliver protein supplements for animal feed production in addition to organic fertilizer for home gardening and commercial farming.


Our Company

EAS as one of the best beef processors, we distributes beef products in Nigeria. Our meat harvesting and processing has fully embraced hygiene and we have eliminated factors during pre and post harvest that can alter/affect the quality and outcome of the meat end- products. These factors were considered by EAS from facility development through production processes to cater for different product uniqueness and delivery of excellent product outcome.

To become the best in what we do, EAS is completely focused on our business by ensuring global best practices in product production and delivery to our customers.

We take deliberate efforts to maintain a relationship of trust with our suppliers, profitability to our shareholders and the opportunity for a better future for our team members.