Our Products

We deliver our products and services to our increasing customers in the food value chain and we are renowned for being valuable partners that offers high quality products.


Whole Cow 

Be partner with organized farmers to deliver healthy cows to our increasing customers as gift items, meat source for events and ceremonies. Renowned for healthy cow delivery with competitive pricing, our suppliers and customers are getting more value from our business.



Comes in kilogram weights or cube cuts. Our beef is produced under best harvesting standards to support retailers, food markets, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, fast foods and other food proprietors.  

Our slaughter facility provides the food service industry various beef parts because we harvest in-house. Our cows are cut to suit the varying business needs of food proprietors. 



Comes in kilogram weights or sliced cuts. Hide product is used to prepare luscious dishes and African delicacies such as your Ugba, Nkwobi etc. Kpomo/Kanda is produced under best harvesting standards to households and food proprietors to make delicious dishes.


Mince Meat

Product comes as mince beef without spicing to enable food producers to apply their unique recipe that brands their products. 1/8" fine grind is suitable for making Bologna, Franks, Force meats, Hamburger & Beef Jerky. 3/16" medium grind is suitable for Breakfast Sausage, Hamburger, Polish & Italian Sausage.



Zizitop Sausages is our beef product made from ground beef along with salt and spices. Meat is stuffed in edible collagen casing and delivers an excellent taste for exceptional cooking and baking.

Zizitop Sausage contains 99% meat; 100mm length and 22mm diameter; comes in 5 finger and 10 finger packs.